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Watershed Alliances

The Upper James Watershed initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration in environmental conservation. Each partnership, unique in its contribution, supports the critical objective of improving the Upper James River Watershed’s health. Highlighting unity’s strength, this section inspires other communities and organizations to collaborate towards common environmental goals. The diverse range of partners, spanning local to larger organizations, emphasizes the universal need for water quality and ecosystem health. This collective approach, embracing a holistic and inclusive strategy, underlines the importance of every contribution, regardless of size, in the quest for a sustainable future. This comprehensive, unified effort not only advances watershed health but also serves as a model for environmental stewardship globally.

List of Partners

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Virginia Department of
Conservation and Recreation
James River Association
Virginia Department of
Environmental Quality
Friends of the James River Park
RV Aadvark
James River Advisory Council
Upper James Resource Conservation
and Development Council
Department of
Environmental Quality
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Virginia Department of Forestry
Upper James Riverkeeper