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Best Management Practices

A Strategic Approach to Water Conservation

At Upper James Watershed, we are committed to the ecological well-being of our water bodies, particularly the Chesapeake Bay and the Upper James River Watershed. Our scientifically validated Best Management Practices (BMPs) provide strategic guidelines and technical resources to minimize pollution and promote sustainable water management. Serving a wide array of stakeholders, including homeowners, development professionals, and governmental entities, these BMPs equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools to contribute effectively to environmental stewardship. Whether you are a homeowner adopting environmentally conscious practices, a developer pursuing sustainable protocols, or a government body implementing rigorous conservation policies, our authoritative BMPs guide collective efforts to enhance water quality.

Residential BMPs

Explore simple, effective practices for homeowners to contribute to the health of our watershed.

Developer BMPs

Discover how construction and land development can incorporate BMPs to protect our water bodies.

Government BMPs

Learn about BMPs for government operations, leading the way in water conservation and quality improvement.

BMP Funding Sources

Find potential funding sources to implement impactful BMPs for your water quality improvement projects.

Interactive Reference Guide