Leading the Way

Virginia Planning District Commissions (PDCs)

Through active engagement with local stakeholders, PDCs will develop Input Decks for urban and developed land uses that meet the LAPGs in a format that best suits the dynamic communities in their regions. It is critical that local government leaders are involved in developing the Input Decks to ensure the suite of BMPs are realistic, reflect local priorities, will benefit local communities and clearly identify the resources (e.g., funding, technical support) that are needed to get the job done.


Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs)

Pollutant reductions from agricultural lands are critical to meeting Phase III WIP goals. SWCDs provide critical technical assistance for farmers implementing agricultural BMPs that improve and protect the quality of streams and rivers. SWCDs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed will work with local agricultural communities to determine the BMPs that
are needed to achieve water cleanup goals while also meeting the needs of farmers.